Broken Machine (Deluxe) - Nothing But Thieves

Broken Machine (Deluxe)

Nothing But Thieves

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • ℗ 2017 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


Title Artist Time
I Was Just a Kid Nothing But Thieves 4:30
Amsterdam Nothing But Thieves 4:32
Sorry Nothing But Thieves 3:34
Broken Machine Nothing But Thieves 3:54
Live Like Animals Nothing But Thieves 4:10
Soda Nothing But Thieves 3:56
I'm Not Made By Design Nothing But Thieves 3:52
Particles Nothing But Thieves 3:55
Get Better Nothing But Thieves 3:19
Hell, Yeah Nothing But Thieves 3:06
Afterlife Nothing But Thieves 4:43
Reset Me Nothing But Thieves 3:31
Number 13 Nothing But Thieves 2:57
Sorry Nothing But Thieves 3:34
Particles Nothing But Thieves 3:39


  • Epic heart wrenching music to fall into...

    By akidron
    I absolutely loved their awesome first album - and now their second one and after only one listen I couldn't stop the rotation!! Over and over and over again! Sublime and sensual for the ears... Conor Mason's vocals are incredible and you can feel the emotions... the musicianship of this band is stellar! I love both albums and would love to see them in concert...
  • Don't know how they did it...

    By LizaC
    But they topped their debut. Incredible lyrics, otherworldly vocals, melodies that never sound derivative. I hope these guys get the attention they deserve.
  • Similar to MUSE on the ol' good days, but not quite.

    By jara76
    Very similar to MUSE on the old good days, but with way more layers. Fantastic band, my favorite right now.

    By JussyN97
    This sophomore album is brilliant! I can definitely tell they were experimenting with some new sounds on this album and it worked! Songs like 'I'm Not Made By Design' will forever be thought of as a classic in my book, the guitar riffs in that song are legendary! And of course Conor's vocals never disappoint,Their song 'Particles' show his amazing range. WILL BE PLAYING ON REPEAT.
  • The BEST

    By beefycakesss
    This album makes me cry, headbang, and sing along. This album is a step-up from their first album and the tunes are gripping. Buy the whole album? yEs
  • Great Sophomore Album

    By Dzeko_10
    Really loving the new music guys.....keep it up! Rock is making a strong comeback!
  • WOW

    By ExKatycat
    I haven't even listened to a single song yet, but I can already tell from the STUNNING album art that this record is going to obliterate me.
  • Slumping second

    By Chinesemuchacho
    Considering the brilliant 1st album, I knew going in there was no way that the follow up would be as good. It is so rare for a sophmore effort to be as good, and even rarer for it to be better. The sophmore album from NBT is no different. Though the vocals are as superb as ever, and the indivual musicianshp is solid, the kinetic flow and energy of the first album is missing. Where in the first album, each song flowed directly into the next, almost as if it was one long song, that flowed, and had purpose. This is an album of different songs and other than a couple, most lack the energy and pulse of the first album altogther. As a fan of music it is still a decent album, but if you are looking for that vibe of the first one, you will be out of luck here. Put another way, on a long road trip, this is not that album you would put in for the long haul, where the first one, you will put on repeat.
  • Number

    By heriberos
    Jua e yolk
  • Worth the wait

    By Lasanily
    Really love this album--it's true that the songs don't have quite the initial punch that originally hooked me on NBT. However, the more I listen to the album the more I love it. The standouts for me are "Particles" (both versions), "I Was Just A Kid", "Sorry", and "Number 13". Overall, I think I may end up liking this album more than the first. The definitely experimented with some new sounds, see "Broken Machine", which continues to grow on me, but the sound and lyrics felt like they had a bit more heart. Of course, Conor Mason's voice is amazing, but I also felt that the other members of the band were able to showcase themselves a bit more on this album.

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