Sleep Well Beast - The National

Sleep Well Beast

The National

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2017 4AD


Title Artist Time
Nobody Else Will Be There The National 4:39
Day I Die The National 4:31
Walk It Back The National 5:59
The System Only Dreams in Tota The National 3:56
Born to Beg The National 4:22
Turtleneck The National 3:00
Empire Line The National 5:23
I'll Still Destroy You The National 5:15
Guilty Party The National 5:38
Carin at the Liquor Store The National 3:33
Dark Side of the Gym The National 4:50
Sleep Well Beast The National 6:31


  • Very disappointed..

    By mallai
    Just passionless and reaching..It feels like they've peaked and looking for what the felt previously, and its not working..
  • They are in their stride

    By J. Brash
    Their songwriting is hitting their "Zen Zone" . You can tell their friendship, workmanship, and self discovery is at its all time highest level. A real pleasure to hear their journey and the world is better place for the National in it!
  • drone

    By Dr.007
    love the band, but his album left me hollow. And not in the usual National way - even for them its just too plodding and lugubrious at times without drawing me in as previous albums did. Ssome of these songs are what Xanax listens to to fall asleep
  • No disappointment

    By JSS64
    The National is doing something few bands can do. So often, it seems, bands peak on a third or fourth album, but continue to make music in uninspired and self-parodying ways, and fans get diminishing returns. The National, with each new album, feels like they are just hitting their stride. I've tried to explain The National's sound to friends unfamiliar with them, and it's not easy, because they embrace opposing forces. Sleep Well Beast continues to bring songs which are tight, minimalist in some ways, but which feel full--- there is a lot of instrumentation, but nothing feels crowded or overdone. There is intense emotion and life in these songs, but they are never bombastic. Songs are sedating and agitating at the same time. But then that's the reflection of the psychic material in these pieces. Sleep Well Beast is simultaneously haunting and soothing, and it's one hell of an album. Well done, National, well done.
  • Their best yet..

    By Why so late boy
    In my opinion probably their best album in their discography. Accessible, deep, layered, everything you want in an album from The National. Top 5 for 2017!
  • Sleep Well Beast

    By D-Unit
    The National just never disappoint, it seems as if they're incapable of making a bad album. However, after a string of perfect (or close to it) albums, SWB is just great but sadly not brilliant. The National almost never have filler tracks but there's a couple here. Mainly the title track that closes the album. At 7 minutes, there's really nothing remotely memorable in it. It just kinda meanders. That's true with "walk it back" too which strives to be experimental and haunting but achieves neither of those things. Matt even sounds like he's bored on those songs. But for those few songs, there's the beautiful opener "nobody else will be there" and the brilliant and catchy "day I die". They even have a fun loud song in here "turtleneck" which makes things on the album a little more unpredictable. The first single "the system only dreams in total darkness" sounds pretty different than most National songs and is already one of my favorites. Most of the album is beautiful but things get slightly boring on "swb" "walk it back" and "empire line"
  • Svidmnt

    By Bruhbro
  • Ffrrxxuftty

    By dvduzddufui vv
    👑👞👟tuggedurrrcr vug
  • Not Their Best

    By GrinchLord
    After listening to the album three times I'm a bit let down. I'm all for changing things and progressing but this is a B+/C- at best. There are some great songs and some crap. I feel like maybe after all the different side projects the guys tried to combine too many different ideas into a new National sound. Way too much synth, drum machines and yellow wine.
  • Transcendent and Beautiful. The National's best album in a collection of great ones.

    By lehouc01
    Sleep Well Beast is The National's best work. There are no bad tracks here, and the atmosphere is consistently dark but adventurous and full of wonder. An album for exploring and living with...Sleep Well Beast.

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