Everything Now - Arcade Fire

Everything Now

Arcade Fire

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-07-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2017 Arcade Fire Music under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


Title Artist Time
Everything_Now (continued) Arcade Fire 0:46
Everything Now Arcade Fire 5:03
Signs of Life Arcade Fire 4:36
Creature Comfort Arcade Fire 4:43
Peter Pan Arcade Fire 2:48
Chemistry Arcade Fire 3:37
Infinite Content Arcade Fire 1:37
Infinite_Content Arcade Fire 1:41
Electric Blue Arcade Fire 4:02
Good God Damn Arcade Fire 3:34
Put Your Money on Me Arcade Fire 5:53
We Don't Deserve Love Arcade Fire 6:29
Everything Now (continued) Arcade Fire 2:22


  • eh.....

    By croma212
    Reflector was such a geat album and like most Arcade Fire fans the earlier stuff is golden. Something with Everything now is off, it feels forced and mainstream/corny. Lyrics have always been one of the best things about their music but its flat... This album has the lowest rating on itunes compared to the others, guess its proof of what we have here. I feel life pressured this release because it doesnt sound complete, alot of the songs are halfway great then suffer from bad ideas. We can always hope to the future. (electric blue is a good song)
  • Now Hooked

    By K Scandalow
    Had never heard this until I saw them on the Ellen show yesterday. Loved them. Now hooked. Great sound.
  • Not just disco

    By cyn37211
    This album is a mix of styles - disco, punk, hip-hop, fifties, and more. I was disappointed the first listen, but after a few more times, I'm beginning to enjoy it. It's definitely not like their early music, which I love, but most of it is very good. Many great bands in music history changed their styles - the Beatles, Pink Floyd, heck, even Beethoven, lol.
  • Love it

    By Mike De Santa
    Although it’s different from their older sound. I like this new sound better. Keep up the good work!
  • Arcade Fire continues to deliver

    By Glasianpanda
    Time and time again. Awesome album. Love them.
  • So disheartening

    By Sifc33_oner
    When I heard they were releasing new music, I was elated. When I finally heard the full album, it made me cry from utter and sheer disappointment.
  • Everything Now!!

    By Eliza |-/
    My dad loves Arcade Fire, and I honestly never really understood the hype. HOWEVER, I was listening to Sirius XM one day and heard this song and I FELL IN LOVE! I have no idea how I never realized their potential before.
  • The best.

    By meganheav
    One of the best albums I've ever listened to. I love how the songs are so different yet they correlate to each other so well. Creature Comfort is such a meaningful song that everyone on this Earth should get the chance to listen to. Signs of Life is a pure bop that anyone can get down to. Well done Arcade Fire
  • Where’s the band I fell in love with?

    By Legnar95A
    Funeral came out when I was 10 and I fell in love with it. Arcade Fire was my first exposure to everything indie and alternative. They became my favorite band and each album had music with depth and deep meaning. They’re music was layered and their sound was unlike anything at the time. Even when Reflektor came out I gave it a chance. They experimented with new sounds and their songs still had that charm that Funeral had. However, this new album is highly disappointing. Other than the single and 2 other songs the album just isn’t the Arcade Fire we know and love. Their new songs are repetitive and lack the creativity of their past albums. It lacks the emotion and lyrics that really made you feel the depth of the music. I really hope this is a misstep from Arcade Fire. I remain a loyal fan and hope the next album is as great as the past ones we fell in love with.
  • Shush

    By alexschreiber365
    It's good just stop