Play Dead - MUTEMATH

Play Dead


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2017 Wojtek Records


Title Artist Time
Hit Parade MUTEMATH 5:15
Pixie Oaks MUTEMATH 4:29
Stroll On MUTEMATH 3:57
Break the Fever MUTEMATH 5:33
Nuisance MUTEMATH 3:22
Placed On Hold MUTEMATH 5:23
Everything's New MUTEMATH 6:05
Achilles Heel MUTEMATH 6:38
Marching To the End MUTEMATH 6:09


  • It's ok.

    By Holl Socc
    Loved this band for a long time but it has departed from what I loved the most about them, the amazing drums and progressive rock feel. I hear that in only a few songs on this album. The rest is overproduced pop that sounds like they are using a drum machine. Paul, as always, has flawless vocals. Bands change and I understand not every album can sound the same but this one is much different than previous albums. It's Growing on me and the live show in Pittsburgh was amazing as always. They still got it in concert. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here.
  • This album is so freakin' good!

    By RestlessFighter
    First listen and I was in love! Some of their best stuff to date!
  • Awesome

    By Know music
  • MuteMath never disappoints.

    By Cantfindanamethatsnottaken
    When the first two songs dropped i was a little hesitant on buying the album. Once i heard all the songs together i had no doubt that i needed the album, aaaaannd it's awesome. This fav band cat could be making a change here soon.
  • Epic

    By yo yo we clubbing 2nite
    One of their bests
  • Always amazing

    By UrbanSkr3am
    Sonically they always deliver and this album is no different. Amazing vocals, unique instrumentals and driving hooks! Sad to know they don’t get as recognized as anyone with the last name “Bieber” 😒. Mutemath, thank you for real music.
  • Great, but...

    By Rcj22
    I genuinely enjoy everything that MuteMath releases, including this album. It had great songs, chord progressions, sound design, and MM always finds a way to reinvent their sound. However, I will say that there were a few random, unnecessary aspects that they threw in. For example, the intro to 'Break the Fever' is off-putting, or the weird, oscillator sounds towards the end of 'Stroll On', or the random drum intro to 'Pixie Oaks'. I just didn't think they needed those in these great songs. Over all, I enjoyed this album. It's sad to see DK leave, but I'm glad he got to make one more with MM, even if this isn't their best work.
  • Somwhere in the middle....

    By nuenjins
    ...between the energy and genre mixing of their first 2 albums and the toned down, often too simplified EDM style of recent years. I loved their early years and then they lost me. It's a step up from the last album but nowhere on par with the first 2 that made me a fan. Less FL studio on the computer and more "actual instruments" to mix it up like the olden days when they rocked your gym shorts off.
  • the modern day jam out band/album

    By #1Jokesta
    I really enjoy these songs after a few listens. Love that MuteMath jams out on several tracks in a completly modern/mutemath fashion. What ever happened to all the bands that would jam out anyway?
  • Not a Christian band at all but...

    By Jesusfreak3210
    This album is just too good!!! Such amazing talent!! I wonder what they would sound like if they're an actual Christian band?🤔

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