All the Light Above It Too - Jack Johnson

All the Light Above It Too

Jack Johnson

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2017 Jack Johnson


Title Artist Time
Subplots Jack Johnson 4:29
You Can’t Control It Jack Johnson 4:09
Sunsets For Somebody Else Jack Johnson 3:30
My Mind Is For Sale Jack Johnson 3:59
Daybreaks Jack Johnson 4:00
Big Sur Jack Johnson 2:52
Love Song #16 Jack Johnson 3:01
Is One Moon Enough? Jack Johnson 4:10
Gather Jack Johnson 4:15
Fragments Jack Johnson 3:41


  • Not disappointed.

    By MikeLTMon
    Jack has his sound, and I like it... and this album delivers. Funny to see (presumably) trump sympathizers whine about it being "political"... Oh, you poor, triggered snowflakes. Rock & Roll has been a vehicle for political statements, if not downright protest, since the 60s.
  • ❤️❤️

    By Madisonkyla13
    Beautiful and hopeful song. ❤️it!!
  • Love!

    By Angelxxxxx
    I love this album. Do I love some other JJ albums more?, yes. But people that just want to hear the same thing on every album don't give much room for creative freedom. Imagine music being your life & churning the same thing out over & over for years....BORING! Gotta give him room to be human, try new things & express his feelings, no matter how you feel about his opinions, no need to be hateful just because you don't like's not all about you:) Rate it however you want, but why the negativity? If you don't like it then don't listen to it...the world would be a much better place if we could all stop being so mean!
  • Beach vibes with a positive message

    By 41Shades
    What more could you want? With winter around the corner, it's a perfect time to pop a Corona, chill out, and listen to some new Jack. The fact that he hates Trump (hey, who doesn't) is just icing on the cake.
  • Nice to have

    By yadang25
    Jack's one of the best musicians, though it seems like he's holding back on this one. A number of songs don't feel like they've been given full effort. It's good to have, but it's not the caliber of Sleep through the Static imho.
  • Classy and Timeless

    By StacieCute
    Jack Johnson is an unrated (should be Grammy award winning) artist. I saw him perform live and it's unlike anyone I have seen. So talented. Love the new album Jack!! I hope you get nominated for awards this year because it is worthy from that state. Worthy to winning all awards from your other albums too.
  • Entertainers Get To Entertaining

    By Parker Haslam
    Was a die hard Jack fan for years. Seen him in concert multiple times with my wife. Enjoyed the fundamentals of his music and supported the messages for the most part but it was more about melodies and relaxation than anything. With all the entertainers converting into pundits, I'm going to send my entertainment dollars to people who stick to their craft. All these who use their "voice to reach people" because they feel it's their fiduciary responsibility are forgetting that we turn to them for their entertainment, not their political views. Ball players need to play ball. Dancers? Get dancin'! Singers should sing their little hearts out and if you do it well enough, I will send you my money. That's what made you famous. So shut up and get to entertaining me. That's all you're good for. Nothing more than modern court jesters. Why trust the kingdom to the jester? Jack, leave music and run for office if you wanna change the politics. Please do! Otherwise, just write some music about some pancakes and coco drinks and la da duhduh dah dah, la dahdah dah dah dah!
  • JACK is the VOICE we need.

    By Kinkon1
    Jack, since album one speaking his mind with his lyrical talents to speak what we all want to say and doesnt get heard. Since "Good People" "Cookie Jar" 'Through the Static". Jack, you are appreciated and loved hope to see you in COLORADO soon, touring for this new album. WIll be there.
  • An honest review

    By Ajkwjnfnsnsbx
    Been a fan of Johnson for years now. He's had his occasional political/social tracks in every album. Just like with Coldplay, a lot of people either didn't catch it, they didn't want to see it, or they just didn't care about the meaning. It wasn't until recently that most artists started getting picked on for these songs. Let's be honest, if you listen to it for what it is, this is Jack Johnson creating and performing the beautiful music he always does. The care, the love, the calm he never fails to investigate in his music is likewise found in this newest album. He never has failed to deliver music that speaks from the soul, to the soul. For those casual listeners, this is a great album showing that Jack still has it. For those die-hard fans, appreciate the music for what it is, and don't give in to any of the fuss anyone else has for any particular song in this album. Music is between the musician and the listener. It's personal and doesn't involve the random person across the world who also bought the same album, and doesn't like it. For those conflicted fans, just have faith. Jack has more on his mind than a political agenda. He's a lovely person whose care for the education of our youth and love for the nature of the world we live in is what really matters. If anything, be proud of the fact that this is an artist who uses music as a means for meaning, as a means for communication. For what is music, other than an outlet for which the soul can speak? In conclusion, if you don't agree with music, it doesn't mean it is not music. And it certainly doesn't mean it's bad. Appreciate music for the beautiful vessel of emotion it is, and respect those who are brave enough to reveal those emotions through music.

    By DooberFlabber
    Waiting so long and this is what we get .This is someone being uninspired to write songs .Sorry Jack !