Wake Up Call - Theory of a Deadman

Wake Up Call

Theory of a Deadman

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2017-10-27
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2017


Title Artist Time
Straight Jacket Theory of a Deadman 4:00
Rx (Medicate) Theory of a Deadman 3:53
Echoes Theory of a Deadman 3:58
Wake Up Call Theory of a Deadman 3:55
PCH Theory of a Deadman 3:35
G.O.A.T Theory of a Deadman 4:08
Loner Theory of a Deadman 3:36
Time Machine Theory of a Deadman 2:56
Glass Jaw Theory of a Deadman 3:52
Po Mouth Theory of a Deadman 3:34
Wicked Game Theory of a Deadman 3:40


  • Bunch of angry Fan Boys

    By Dawson14
    This is a fantastic album. The ratings are from a bunch of angry fan boys that can't handle a band growing and offering a different sound. This is the same progression we've seen with Linkin Park. A consistently different sound every album. This is a quality album that is heavily down voted by people who cling to the past.
  • 🙌

    By MzTram
    Yass, I always love when they come out with a new album!
  • Nothing good to say, don't say it

    By Steel1987
    If you just want to post crappy reviews, well, why? Yea, this isn't the typical ToaD but come on, "you're super cali pessimistic expiali-narcissistic". That's funny stuff. Always enjoyed their lyrics.
  • Love!!!

    By Jrenfroe0816
    Great jam!!! Welcome back TOADM!!!
  • What happened????

    By Synystershane
    I never knew T.O.A.D. was a country band now. Terrible.☹️😒
  • Let down...

    By chandelong1984
    In a time that I’ve been feeling like my age is starting to show when it comes to music, I was hoping for more. To me, most of the new music out there today either sounds the same or too synthesized. Most of all it’s all starting to just sound like noise. My only safety line for any hope of good music is relying on bands that I used to listen to who still put out music. Theory being one of those bands. I can appreciate attempting to try and remain up-to-date or “in” to fit into today’s music industry, but that’s exactly where you’d be wrong. You had an awesome sound which was unique and had an incredible edge to it. Plus with your ability to perform a nice ballad or two, that made your albums well rounded and a joy to have in any collection. That’s why it’s sad to listen to this new album which feels like it’s just a shadow of your former selves. On it, there might be two good songs the rest...I can do without. Stop trying to fit in and put out songs that rock again not these pop-rock-rap wanna be songs that completely miss the mark. Good luck, and please...find yourselves again.
  • Puuuure garbage

    By NomynomynomPizza
    What happened to these guys? Their debut was one of the best debuts I've ever heard, and the couple albums after that were decent....this right here is lazy, generic, pandering trash. The single is honest to God one of the worst songs I've ever heard.
  • I seriously want my hard earned money back!

    By BOOM Everywhere!
    I really do want my money back as this is one of the worst albums I have purchased. I've been a huge fan up to this point but then you listen to this and it sounds dead-man. Very boring in an era that needs some punchy rock. Please do another album quickly and wake me up with some kicking tracks that I know you guys can do. Please!
  • Change of sound

    By MenaceRx
    At first listen to Rx I was super excited for another album. Then I got it and it took me a minute to hear what I was getting from Theory here. Its a much more poppy sound this go round which depending on your music pleasure you will either love or hate. I was in the middle the first listen. After several plays through now while doing homework over the past week and half I like it. I dont want to see the band drift any further though away from their core sound that built them their noteriety. Think about Nickelback and how they have gone back toward their core sound. Thats what Theory will have to do on the next album is step back to their roots. I would buy it again. Expect Marron 5 beats meets Theory vocals and thats this record minus Rx. And the cover of Wicked Game is on point. Love it.
  • 4 Star Alt/Pop album 1 star Rock album

    By stroz67
    For the fans of theory that are looking for their old tricks of well written and sometimes cheeky lyrics, you will find some of that here. Musically, this is nowhere near their old sound, the alt/grunge rock sound that they did so well, so it makes for a sub par rock album. for new fans, or for pop music/alt music fans this should be right up your ally. Music fits that genre well, and it will get plenty of radio play. For classic theory fans, this wont be the album for you.

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