Native Invader (Deluxe) - Tori Amos

Native Invader (Deluxe)

Tori Amos

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • A Decca Records Release;℗2017 Tori Amos Exclusively licenced to Decca Music Group Limite


Title Artist Time
Reindeer King Tori Amos 7:06
Wings Tori Amos 4:09
Broken Arrow Tori Amos 5:20
Cloud Riders Tori Amos 5:23
Up the Creek Tori Amos 3:22
Breakaway Tori Amos 4:36
Wildwood Tori Amos 4:41
Chocolate Song Tori Amos 4:41
Bang Tori Amos 6:11
Climb Tori Amos 4:02
Bats Tori Amos 4:18
Benjamin Tori Amos 2:43
Mary's Eyes Tori Amos 5:16
Upside Down 2 Tori Amos 3:23
Russia Tori Amos 2:44


  • Unbelievable

    By RandynDallas
    Tori tackles tough subjects with delicate grace. I have followed her since 1991 and I will never stop. I believe this is her best work since Scarlet's Walk. This album is so relevent in today's political and social climate, plus it resonates on a deep, personal level for me.
  • Amos Once Again Shows Her Talent for Turning the Personal and Political into Art

    By E.P. Clark
    I’ve always been conflicted about Tori Amos. Actually, that’s not true. I thought, and still think, that “Under the Pink” and “Boys for Pele” were not just a couple of the best albums released in the 1990s, but perhaps some of the best albums released in the 20th century. Bold words, I know, but true. That notwithstanding, my love for Amos’s music was always hemmed around with criticisms and caveats. She was brilliant, so brilliant, but…but her albums were long and weird, with songs that ranged from unbearably raw (I’ve only been able to listen to “Me and a Gun” all the way through maybe once in my 20+ years of owning the album) to the intolerably silly (“Hello Mr. Zebra,” anyone?). And I found a lot of her later work, with the exception of “The Beekeeper,” to be unapproachable. Why couldn’t she just settle down, streamline her production, and only focus on making music that made me, personally, happy? So I approached the release of her latest effort, “Native Invader,” with equal parts excitement and apprehension. Would it be brilliant? Would it be ridiculously weird and over-conceptualized? Or would it be both? The answer, of course, is that it’s both. Having listened to it daily for a week now, I can say that it’s entered my personal canon of favorite Tori Amos albums, up there with “Under the Pink,” “Boys for Pele,” “From the Choirgirl Hotel,” and “The Beekeeper.” It showcases Amos’s soaring vocals and delicately luscious piano work, her ability to create a sound that’s both catchily melodic and completely unique, and lyrics that are in turn earnest, mystical, profound, and just plain silly. As a listening experience it’s lovely and soothing, with some beautiful stand-out tracks such as the ethereal “Reindeer King” and gospel-tinged “The Climb.” Conceptually, it is more obviously unified than many of Amos’s previous albums. Other reviewers have already noted the overt environmentalism of its message, and indeed, that takes front and center in many of the songs, showcasing Amos’s talent for combining the personal and the political into art: what would have sounded clunky or preachy in other hands is turned here into a medium that transcends the message. And this is certainly an album that has a message, although it goes deeper than may be immediately obvious. The need to heal various breaches is present from the opening lines of the opening track, “Reindeer King,” in which Amos sings “Crystal core / Your mind has been divided from your soul / Now you say you are that stranger on your shore.” This division and the need to overcome it is initially presented as personal in the early songs in the album, but becomes increasingly general and political, finishing with the final track, “Russia,” in which Amos calls for both those on the right and the left to build a bridge. This bridge-building is not just to those outside of us. The real split in this album is ultimately inside the protagonist, inside of us–we are the “native invaders” and “strangers on [our own] shore,” who need to be more like the chocolate in “Chocolate Song,” with its perfect tension between bitter and sweet. Amos does not claim that she can heal that breach, but in “Native Invader,” she recognizes it for what it is, and calls for us to reunite the broken parts inside us. Which has made me think, really think, about the nature of Amos’s art and my valuation of it. I had been accustomed to thinking of her as “Brilliant Tori” and “Silly Tori,” and wishing that “Brilliant Tori” could get rid of “Silly Tori” so that the former could buckle down and concentrate on making music according to my strict standards of what was good, eschewing all that I thought was bad. But listening to “Native Invader” has made me realize that “Brilliant Tori” and “Silly Tori” are really one and the same, and that the one cannot exist without the other. Both “Brilliant” and “Silly” Tori are the organic components of “True Tori,” and a lot of “Brilliant Tori’s” brilliance is based on “Silly Tori’s” silliness. If Amos were to strip away all the parts of her art that I considered to be extraneous or in bad taste, it would no longer be her art, but just more bland pop music. Her albums need the lengthy digressions into weirdness to make them what they are. Or in other words, when it comes to truly groundbreaking artists, it’s probably the things about them you like the least that make them what they are.
  • This...

    By Jevy2002a
    What a most beautiful album. Took a few listens to appreciate the first single it but I'm glad I did. "Bang" is a standout for me! Wow!
  • So Beautiful.

    Wow! Her voice continues to shine and is the most beautiful female voice in music! The mix of piano and electronica with Tori's voice all come together beautifully. Unlike most of her cds this one in my opinion is more accessible then most. I still can't get over how beautiful her voice is. Usually as artists get older their voices don't hold up, but when I saw her on tour for Unpentant Geraldines and again with this cd her voice is better than ever. To bad your not playing South Florida like you always do. I will greatly miss seeing you live.
  • Sounds really amazing!

    By DJKohliRocks
    TORI AMOS is a music gem! One of those rare artists...that has created her own genre within herself. She doesn't have to be pop to fit in today's world. She does her own thing; and each album seems like a new present to her fans. Tori Amos isn't for everyone. You either appreciate it, or you don't. If you follow her styles through each album until now...there's so much music! Eclectic, diverse, and extremely unique. Only negative comment; HEY ITUNES...could u fix the pic of the album? Whoever you hired to scan the album; they F'd it up!
  • Beautiful.

    By Jose M. Navarro
    Amazing album.
  • WOW

    By ozz_nuts
    I cant' get over how amazing this album is. from beginning to ending. Destined to be a classic tori amos album.
  • Scarlet walk

    By Intro puke passion e
    Brings me back to the era of Scarlet walk. Nice to be back

    By YesAnastasia
    I've purchased every full-length album, b-side, &c., that Tori has ever made. I loved it all through "The Beekeeper," and then I got restless as her output started to get uneven and lackluster (and, dare I say, boring). A few gems here and there with single tracks, but nothing that I could get devoted to. "Native Invader" grabbed me from the very opening notes. That deep, weird magic is back with this album. It's both a return to the complex musical and lyrical fantasies of previous albums, and also a departure -- she's finally exploring new, unexpected territory again. I can't wait to dig in deep and explore the album for years to come.
  • One of her greatest works

    By Barred.Owl
    It's a masterwork; a major hightlight in the Tori Amos canon.

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