Poetry in Motion - SOJA

Poetry in Motion


  • Genre: Reggae
  • Release Date: 2017-10-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

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Title Artist Time
Moving Stones SOJA 4:35
I Can't Stop Dreaming SOJA 4:16
Tried My Best SOJA 3:02
More SOJA 4:55
Fire in the Sky SOJA 3:42
Everything to Me SOJA 5:20
Life Support SOJA 5:06
Bad News SOJA 3:49
To Whom It May Concern SOJA 5:47
Sing to Me SOJA 3:14
I Found You SOJA 5:45


  • Best Yet

    By Yoyoyoyoyo22
    While they stick to their Reggae roots, SOJA shows a new, pop infused side of themselves that has only been hinted at in past releases. Songs like I Can't Stop Dreaming and Bad News bring this sound out the best. By blending catchy vocal lines, signature horn hits, and diverse drum pads, the band appeals to new listeners while staying true to their classic SOJA sound. Poetry in Motion has a deeper side too. "The president is on a mission of war, forgetting any of the reasons that we needed him for. And the priests and the sheikhs and the czars and the rabbis, smile bright while we close the door." Life Support reminds us how music can help us through the hard times while paying homage to the good. With so much social and political change happening, Poetry in Motion could not have been released at a better time. Check it out!
  • Their best album since peace in a time of war

    By Jar head$
    The lyrics are poignant, the music is great with the addition of Trevor on guitar. I think they returned to having meaningful songs that make you think about where the current situation of the world is. I love this album. SOJA is for real.
  • Poetry in Motion

    By Jeruelj
    This album is pretty awesome from start to finish.
  • Fantastic, beautiful new album

    By felixdejong
    This album is an incredibly refreshing piece of work by SOJA. The album is a beautiful combination of reggae with powerful, descriptive lyrics. Each song discusses the difficulty we experience in the world, with lyrics describing how to find peace and understanding during such turbulent times. The band has done an incredible job of balancing catchy melodies and groovy rhythms, with lyrics that truly make you think about yourself and the world around you. Songs such as Fire in the Sky and Bad News perfectly exemplify how a band can create songs that are both catchy and thoughtful. Through this album, we can see a clear evolution for SOJA. They are not only a reggae band, but a group of artists truly trying to make their listeners see the best in themselves, in eachother, and in the world.
  • i LOVE new soja

    By Juice belly boy
    This album is certainly not a run-off of their old stuff, but is exceptionally different. I sympathize with my fellow fans that are dissappointed that this album doesn't reflect SOJA's old stuff, but I don't agree that this is no longer inspirational and spiritual. This album does a lot for me personally and I think thier fluidity between genres is fascinating. Way to go guys.
  • YES

    By biggestsojaFAN
    I love old soja but I am so about new soja. I can really jam to this! I'm loving the positive and progressive messages they're getting at in this album. It's different but different is GOOD!!
  • A fresh approach by SOJA

    By mollsmurph
    SOJA brings new energy to their reggae roots with a healthy dose of rock and pop-infused tracks, while still maintaining their core messages and posing important questions: “What if this world was a beautiful place to be in?” The tracks compliment each other well, covering a range of ideas from political frustration to love, while seamlessly moving from one to the next. SOJA brings us true poetry in motion by appealing to fans old and new, weaving together songs that feel both familiar and fresh.
  • Absolutely love this album

    By cynthcoleman
    I think this album is awesome and doesn’t really seem like a departure from their earlier stuff at all. SOJA’s sound has been steadily evolving (as all bands do) so suggesting that this album should be the exact same as one they released 17 years ago seems silly to me. And for those saying they’re getting too political must not have been listening to their old stuff..they’ve got songs talking about the state of the world in every one ( Watch Them, Everything Changes, Be Aware, Peace in a Time of War to name a few). Overall a really, really good album from a great band. The drums in the re-released ‘To Whom it May Concern’ are reason alone to give it a listen.
  • <3 !!!

    By o_0.veRo_0
    <3 !!!!!
  • I personal think is an amazing album that will totally compliment their live performance!

    By eburgio417
    I believe that it’s not the same as some of their older Albums but it’s an evolutionary album for them! Moving stones, bad news are 100% hits and I personally think it’s a great album to drop for them in 2017. I believe they will play this full album live wonderfully! Please stop hating and spread the love!