Live from Paris - U2

Live from Paris


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

  • ℗ 2008 Universal-Island Records Ltd. under exclusive licence to Mercury Records Limited


Title Artist Time
I Will Follow U2 3:58
Trip Through Your Wires U2 3:33
I Still Haven't Found What I'm U2 5:26
MLK U2 1:27
The Unforgettable Fire U2 4:40
Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 5:33
Exit U2 4:12
In God's Country U2 2:51
The Electric Co. U2 4:32
Bad U2 7:04
October U2 2:04
New Year's Day U2 4:44
Pride (In the Name of Love) [L U2 4:55
Bullet the Blue Sky U2 4:53
Running to Stand Still U2 4:07
With or Without You U2 9:59
Party Girl U2 4:11
"40" U2 6:46


  • U24U

    By Evonomo71
    Simply the best
  • Give us more live U2 Albums, please!

    By IanArcher942
    If you love The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum, you will regret not adding this live album from the last great rock band in the world. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it! The Joshua Tree record is my "generation X's" the White Album!
  • With or Without You

    By Johnny99inLA
    Bono does his best John Wayne impersonation and ruins a classic. The band can't overcome it; two thirds of the way through, any emotional momentum gained grinds to a halt when they stop the song. They pick up where they left off but all is lost. For a better live version, "Milan" is the way to go. His voice is shot but the band is better.
  • No more water in the well

    By The Original Scareglow
    Buy this and make your kids listen to it, then make your neighborhood kids listen to it, then go back and make their parents listen to it. MAke the stranger on the bus next to you listen to it. This band is the greatest rock band of all time. This was at their peak in the 80's but no where near their career peak!!! This is America thru four Irish guys eyes. Listen to the sounds around you know matter what language someone is speaking, you will start to understand and learn then appreciate then share your own ideas of it. U2 live is the best of all time if you have never seen them in concert you have not seen the best regardless if you have seen the Beatles, Who, Zepllin, Stones, Elvis, or MJ
  • U2 while they were still U2.

    By jcostom
    Brilliant show. If you're expecting the later stuff where the band seems to have lost their minds, this isn't for you. This is the real thing. Worth it.
  • Great concert from a great time in U2's career

    By Zooropa94
    I bought this because I LOVE the Joshua Tree/Rattle and Hum period of U2's career. Two albums from that period are not enough for me. While the stop in With or Without You probably should have been edited out, it's a great performance of it nonetheless. Bottom line, if you like U2, and if you really like the music they made in the late 80s, get this. This is the only "official" live album release available from U2 right now. Bono's voice is in top condition, and some of U2's great "oldies" are performed.
  • meh.....heard it recorded in better form

    By cheviot91
    I am a big U2 fan and more so of their live recorded concerts which gets the audience into the music like no other band out there.That said,I was disappointed by this recording.Still a great show but if U2 are going to put out a live albu,please make it one that sounds as good as other recorded concert moments.Maybe my expectations were a bit too hight on this one but it's audeince base deserves a better live record.
  • DO NOT BUY!!!

    Come on! If your going to release a concert that signifies U2 at their best, release one that is at least a full concert. By full I mean lets hear "Streets" in the beginning. Whether they played it that night or not is beside the point. No other song symbolized U2 more during this period...Release the Temp Arizona night instead!..Not worth it.
  • It's missing Streets as the show opener!

    By MarkAndrewSinnott
    It's missing Where the Streets Have No Name, which in inexplicable and inexcusable. The DVD starts just after the band open with this great anthem, so it seems artificial right off the bat. Not sure why none of the other reviewers mention this. A huge part of the show is just cut. How ridiculous. Otherwise a great glimpse into the Joshua Tree Tour.
  • One of the Greatest Bands of Our Generation!!

    By zipsass
    The Joshua Tree is arguably the best album of the 80' much of it helped me cope with life in general, this is an incredible live concert from that tour that is worth every penney!! I can't wait for their new studio album in the spring!!