Boy (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] - U2

Boy (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 25

  • ℗ 2008 Universal-Island Records Ltd.


Title Artist Time
I Will Follow U2 3:37
Twilight U2 4:22
An Cat Dubh U2 4:46
Into the Heart U2 3:27
Out of Control U2 4:14
Stories for Boys U2 3:02
The Ocean U2 1:35
A Day Without Me U2 3:13
Another Time Another Place U2 4:32
The Electric Co. U2 4:46
Shadows and Tall Tress U2 5:14
I Will Follow U2 3:37
11 O'Clock Tick Tock U2 3:47
Touch U2 3:25
Speed of Life U2 3:18
Saturday Night U2 5:12
Things to Make and Do U2 2:16
Out of Control U2 3:52
Boy/Girl U2 3:23
Stories for Boys U2 2:42
Another Day U2 3:28
Twilight U2 4:35
Boy/Girl U2 3:26
11 O'Clock Tick Tock U2 4:58
Cartoon World U2 4:20


  • Christian Rock At Its Finest

    By 1BSO
    Listen closely my friends and hear the best Christian Rock album ever, BOY, by U2. Read the lyrics (I will follow, etc...) and you'll see what I'm talking about. Brilliant production by Steve Lillywhite, intelligent lyrics, raw musicianship...what more could you ask for ? One of the best debuts ever in Rock-N-Roll history.
  • Deluxe Edition

    By Uncle Elijah
    U2's debut was strong and catchy- thats all you need in a debut right? The bonus tracks make this album what it is though, disc 2 is all about their Ireland years before they went international. Great album
  • Yeah!

    By Zoso 88
    U2 is easily my favorite band and this is one of my favorite albums! I Will Follow - 10/10 - Great song, catchy guitar hook. One of my favorite U2 songs. Twilight - 9/10 - Pretty nice, gets worse over time for me though... Still, its good. An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart - 10/10 - Really great song, underrated. Into The Heart makes a great ending to An Cat Dubh. (The tracks are the same number on the original CD, which is what I own, not the iTunes version, so I count this as one track). Out of Control - 10/10 - A great song from Boy, critically acclaimed by most, and for good reason. Stories For Boys - 10/10 - A personal favorite. Nice track. The Ocean - 8/10 - Slow and short, but I like it. Very peaceful and relaxing. A Day Without Me - 10/10 - Another personal high mark on this album for me. I like Adam's bass parts in particular in this song. Another Time Another Place - 6/10 - Idk what it is about this track, but it's pretty forgettable for me. It's weird because I know that it's a good song, it just doesn't appeal to me. Oh well, still worth a listen. The Electric Co. - 10/10 - Definitely the best song on Boy, imo. The Edge shines on this track, and it's really catchy. Some will argue that I Will Follow and Out of Control are better, but I have to disagree... Shadows and Tall Trees - 8/10 - A pretty good closer, although I believe Electric Co. would've been better as the ending track. I like the "But I know... Oh, Oh," parts. Best Song: The Electric Co. Runner Up: Stories For Boys Album Grade: 10/10
  • Boy

    By silvercream
    The album "Boy" by U2 was something I've never expected to be great. I kept thinking "If you love "I Will Follow", then you'll love "Boy", and I do. From "I Will Follow" to "Shadows and Tall Trees", this album has the beginning road that U2 would walk on and use as a launching pad. This album is great from start to finish. Top Tracks: "I Will Follow", "Twilight", "Out of Control", "Stories for Boys" and "The Electric Co.".
  • The Album That Began It All

    By exJAG
    Given that almost 30 years have passed since this album was released, it may be difficult to understand what its impact was on the future of music at the time. "Boy" wasn't a number one overnight smash success, but it's not because the album wasn't brilliant. It's just that too few people heard it at the time. However, those that did developed an instant connection with this band, one that never dissipated. I remember hearing "Boy" for the first time and being instantly drawn into the world it created. I became a U2 fanatic overnight, and every subsequent release built upon that foundation. While "I Will Follow" is probably the best recognized song of the lot, the following tracks are the one that grab and hold you, especially (in my opinion) "An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart". This album demonstrates the seeds of greatness that U2 would become, their ability to create atmospheres and evoke emotion, their driving rhythms, chiming guitars, and raw emotions in Bono's vocals. A must have!
  • An Amazingly Earnest Coming of Age Story

    By Visual into Audio
    Bono jumps from adolescent strife into the role of storyteller in this fantastic U2 debut. This album, with a childish (but justified) sense of self-importance, confronts the loneliness of juvenile alienation and the search for one's identity without pontification or any grandiose notions that teenagers are apt to fall into when discussing some self-proclaimed truth. The simple riff of I Will Follow is a testament to The Edge's burgeoning minimalist talents and sets the playful yet contemplative mood for the rest of the album quite well. The penetrating search of Twilight points to the frightened child within all of us, which is further explored as the album progresses. An Cat Dubh, a stunningly visual song, conjures with its screeching guitar images of headlights and knifefights on an iron night in Dublin. Out of Control, in capturing the cruel ironies of life (Bono's birthday song about wishing he was never born), drives the listener on inexorably in his search with Adam Clayton's thud of a racing baseline, hinting at the human futility of attempting to outrun fate. The Ocean, incorporating the clicking of gulls and lapping of waves, invites us to surrender ourselves to the childhood virtue of play. A Day Without Me contemplates over the possibilities of tomorrow as sunny day play, while urging the listener to take the possibilities of tomorrow and to not allow the possibilities of tomorrow to overcome him/her. Shadows And Tall Trees captures the probing sense of the album and the difficulties of finding oneself amidst the chaotic grinding of the mundane machine of life, confronting the listener with the frightening uncertainties of adolescence. The simple, repetitive lyrics lend themselves well to the overall meaning of the album by attempting to communicate the difficult questions and answers of life with the simple vocabulary of a Boy. The album's carpe diem message is delivered in the form of a tentative, revealing, haunting, and fun childhood search for identity. My suggestions to any potential listener are to buy the album as a whole, because it works to tell one story unlike any other U2 album and must be taken altogether, and to give the bonus songs a try, especially 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, Saturday Night (which far outshines its other version, Fire, on the album October), and the rare instrumentals Speed of Life and Things to Make and Do.
  • Their Best Work, Period

    By marcos2011
    This is the definitive U2 album. It's an album that you can actually listen to completely and love all the songs without having to skip any of the songs. The Edge does so many different riffs and noises, his sound is completely unique and different from any other guitarist. In this album he has a good amount of soaring solos, he did his best in this album. It's my favorite of their albums, and it could be your favorite if you would stop buying Zooropa and Pop albums. I can't believe they actually sell more than this and Pop sells more than War, that's horrible. People, this is the real deal if your looking for good U2. Buy this now, you won't be disappointed. Personally, my favorites are: I Will Follow, Twilight, Into the Heart, Out of Control, Stories for Boys, and A Day Without Me.
  • 3 and a Half Stars?

    By Da Fezz
    Are u serious? to me this is their best Cd, u should at least listen to I will Follow u and out of control
  • Remastered... in the lowest quality available?!?!

    By Win Noble
    Why would ANYONE want something remastered in such a low quality??? Please save yourself the dissapointment!!! Buy the CD!!!
  • I Will Follow /Sums it Up "Boy"

    By ListenUp (~)\(~)
    Not to get cocky here "Boy" / but U2 is far beyond any of today's new upstarts. This was one of the greatest introductions in the history of Rock. In 1980 Boy was a wide awake smash hit! Twenty-eight years later Bono/The Edge/Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen are still @ the Top! Wide Awake & more powerful than ever! Enduring Rock Industry BS, daring to speak of unspeakable political unrest & doing it with catchy rhythmic rifts that will make you Follow & to Another Time, Another Place & see the Shadows & Tall Trees.... If you catch my drift. The extras on CD 2 are well worth the silver platter purchase. Dontchya love new music weekends? Now I gotta go Follow...