War (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] - U2

War (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 22

  • ℗ 2008 Universal-Island Records Ltd. under exclusive licence to Mercury Records Limited


Title Artist Time
Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 4:39
Seconds U2 3:11
New Year's Day U2 5:35
Like a Song... U2 4:47
Drowning Man U2 4:14
The Refugee U2 3:40
Two Hearts Beat As One U2 4:03
Red Light U2 3:46
Surrender U2 5:33
"40" U2 2:37
Endless Deep U2 2:58
Angels Too Tied to the Ground U2 3:34
New Year's Day U2 3:55
New Year's Day U2 4:30
New Year's Day U2 9:41
New Year's Day U2 4:36
Two Hearts Beat As One U2 5:55
Two Hearts Beat As One U2 4:23
Two Hearts Beat As One U2 5:42
Treasure (Whatever Happened to U2 3:24
I Threw a Brick Through a Wind U2 6:58
Fire U2 3:45


  • Good Job U2

    By Ligmar
    U2 the Irish band led by Bono is one of the centuries most talented bands. They mix rock with pop and add some history to their outstanding songs. The album War is terrific. It is one of U2’s better albums. Specifically the song Sunday Bloody Sunday it really shows the pain the artists are trying to display. The emotions are strong and the album is catchy. I recommend this album to anyone who loves good classic rock!
  • awesome

    By Tbshockwave
    this is one of U2's greatest albums in my opinion. it has a more raw sound than on the Joshua tree album (which is another great album) but that's what makes it unique. in fact, i wrote this review while wearing the shirt featuring this album.
  • u2 review

    By jamer2017
    i am a big fan of u2 and i have this cd and i love listening to it so u should get some of these songs
  • War

    By silvercream
    U2's 1983 LP, "War", is a great LP. An awesome glimpse to the 80's period. Ratings: "Sunday": 10/10: Awesome opening "Seconds": 8/10: Good song "New Year's": 10/10: Great song "Like A Song": 8/10: Good song "Drowning Man": 9/10: Great song "Refugee": 8/10: Good song "Two Hearts": 10/10: Great song "Red Light": 8/10: Good song "Surrender": 8/10: Good song "40": 10/10: Great ending Ratings: 9/10: Great LP. Give it a try and buy it.
  • THE BEST u2 album

    By VGirl55
    Every song is a classic deep song with heavy political issues set to very thought out musical rhythms.
  • Worth Every Penny, but....

    By HexOnxOnx
    Not on iTunes. See, I am one to buy allot of music from iTunes. We're talking complete collections such as the Complete U2, Bob Dylan and Depeche Mode. The fact that all of these music purchases never bothered me because they weren't remastered releases. Now that U2 is releasing allot of the early albums as remasters and adding allot of extra material. remasters are lost on 128kbps audio recordings. Please don't waste your hard earned money buying these low quality remasters. Since there currently is no other place that I know of online to buy and download U2, spend those dollars at your local CD shop and rip them yourself at at least 256kbps to enjoy the high quality of these songs. A few of the selections on this release many of you will already have especially if you own the Complete U2. The remixes of New Years Day are outstanding as are remixes of Two Hearts Beat as One. I keep forgetting just how great a band this early U2 was. Edge's guitars playing skills are at their best in this early stuff as is Bono's voice. We hear a much younger Bono and his singing and song writting skills stood out in these first ten songs. Enjoy this music loud. Enjoy it when you can sit back and really listen to it without any interruptions. It deserves your attention from beginning to end. Long live U2.
  • Good!

    By Megan Blackson
    I like a lot of songs on War Such As- I. Sunday Bloody Sunday 2. New Years Day 3. Like a Song... 4. Two Hearts Beat As One 5. Red Light 6. Surrender ....U2 Is Awsome!

    By Tramps Like Us
    But buy the CDs and add to your iPod ... well worth the money ..
  • The 2008 Special Edition ROCKS!

    By ListenUp (~)\(~)
    WAR! In 1983 U2 needed a big release to stay afloat! October was good. But not good enough for the record industries stock holders. The times were full of political turmoil; Regonomics/IRA/Russia in Afganastan & Politics as usual... Sound familiar? Don't get me started! WAR took us by storm! U2 Rose to the Top! Sunday Bloody Sunday & New Years Day became MTV favorites (great videos BTW/Apple might want to add them about now... Just a thought). Anyway, 25 years later / the ReMasrtered double CD was found , by your's truly @ Easy Street Records in Seattle, WA. Can you say EXSTATIC! This Balding Middle Aged Rocker is Dancing about his Living Room Beaming! My Wife thinks I've gone over "The Edge!" & I don't care! HEY! You downloaders! The CD & extra's Sound GREAT! I'd go with the actual CD VS Apple DownLoad. Sorry ITune Dudes... Put out a quality product = happiness & profits... Less that - CYa!
  • "Powerful U2 Album, Just not in it's highest remastered quality."

    By Forty-six& 2: Aenema
    Even though this version of "War" isn't in it's best quality from itunes, I would say it's still worth buying. "War" is classic even if the sound quality provided by itunes isn't perfect. "Sunday Bloody Sunday," is one of U2's most emotional and powerful singles, "New Years Day" is catchy as hell and has a great epic sound to it, and most of the other tracks will give you an idea of how great of song-writers the U2 members are. It may not be in highest remastered quality how ever it's still worth buying.