Please - EP - U2

Please - EP


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1997-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5

  • ℗ 1997 Universal International Music B.V.


Title Artist Time
Please U2 5:47
Please U2 7:11
Where the Streets Have No Name U2 6:32
With or Without You U2 4:40
Staring at the Sun U2 5:33


  • Awesome EP supporting a great song.

    By IngolmoFeanaro
    Please is one of U2's most underrated songs. It wasn't a hit like "With or Without You" or "One," but it's a lot better than "One" and is almost as good as "With or Without You." Throw in a few excellent live tracks, and you have a great EP. Please (Single Version) 10/10: A HUGE improve over the album (Pop) version. Probably because this version includes a solo from The Edge. Or it might be that this version is more coherent and does not suffer from Pop's noisiness. Please (Live) 11/10: U2 almost always improves when live. Please (Live) does not disappoint. This is a fantastic performance; also, it segues into... Where the Streets Have No Name (Live) 11/10: An awesome rendition of Streets. This is at least as good as the better known performances of Streets, such as Slane Castle 2001. By the way, the extra lyrics ("Then there will be no time...") at the end are from "The Playboy Mansion" off Pop; and they fit perfectly in Streets. With or Without You (Live) 10/10: An excellent performance of WoWY. Of the three live cuts of WoWY on iTunes, Bono sounds best here (even though he is barely audible). I do not own Staring at the Sun, so I will not review it. However, the other four tracks are fantastic, and I highly recommend them.
  • Where is the other Please EP?

    By stasher dragon
    This album has 5 tracks, 4 of which are live versions. The other single came in a paper jewel case and had 4 songs which are Please (Single Version), Dirty Day (Junk Day), Dirty Day (Bitter Kiss), and I'm Not Your Baby (Skysplitter Dub). Too bad I cannot find it on iTunes.
  • Awesome

    By SMR333
    I love the live acoustic Staring At the Sun and live Please with the Sunday Bloody Sunday drums in the middle. I plan on buying With or Without You and Streets too. Please release more U2 EPs on iTunes.
  • Please - EP

    By silvercream
    In 1997, U2 rerecorded a song called "Please" for it's single release in October of that year. The arrangement of the song differs from the version on the 1997 release "Pop" and it's AWESOME. The four live songs are from "Please: Popheart Live EP", released a month before. Track by Track: "Please (Single)": 10/10: A great song with great lyrics "Please (Live): 9/10: A great live version "Streets (Live): 10/10: A great live version "Without You (Live)": 9/10: A great live version "Staring at the Sun (Live)": 9/10: A great live version and a great ending to an awesome EP. Ratings: 10/10: Awesome EP. Best songs off "Please - EP": "Please (Single)", "Streets (Live)" and "Without You (Live)". Buy this EP NOW.
  • Simply Amazing and Moveing

    By Maxjesin3D
    Please: The best take of song far better than the one on Pop, its amazing how the song is so moveing but has one of the edges best guitar solos that not only shows his talent but U2's ability to make the solo not just a stand alone part but enhances the whole of the piece. Please (live) ok version, don't like how bono drones over the solo. Where the streets have no name (live) simply Amazing the intro draws you in so well. With or without you (live) very good live version its interesting that how they transition into it from WTSHNN even though they were performed at different venues. Staring at the Sun (live) best take I have heard of this song its alot lighter than the version of it on pop.
  • Please

    If you like the song "Please", you'll love this album. The second song features lyrics from another U2 song. If you don't want the ENTIRE album, at least buy the first 3 songs.
  • Nice Way to Introduce Please

    By D Thinking for U
    Ok how's this - U2 (the entire band) decides, after Rattle and Hum, to jump out of the money car (that was speeding, steadily forward, driving towards fame and fortune with all aboard), in order to keep alive their pledge to each other. Which was to always challenge themselves musically, with the solemn belief that the music they made together was beautiful and unique. They forced themselves to take a completely unchartered course. Am I talking about Pop? Well, yes; but isn't Pop an extenuation orf Achtung Baby? Despite the pure bulls eye they nailed with "Joshua Tree" and "Rattle and Hum", they somehow managed to step back and say to themselves 'Ok; did it; conquered this direction. Let's go somewhere else’. And this is where Achtung Baby came in. Obviously a huge suggess. This new direction was followed by Zooropa and Pop (incredible if one takes the time to listen). Please, to me, is the best song on Pop (which is not easy to decide). So enjoy (and buy these two albums and listen!).
  • One of U2 best live songs!

    By dtramel
    Please (live) is such an emotionally moving song - when it is played live. The album version is okay but not spectacular. The live version, however, is amazing! Turn it up!
  • impressed

    By The Nano Guy
    it is a new u2 baby
  • Please US

    By Mafarnz
    The live performance of Where the Streets Have No Name is absolutely amazing. It is by far the best song on the album. The other live songs are wonderful as well, and the single version of Please is a bit different but still very nice.