No Line On the Horizon (Deluxe Edition) - U2

No Line On the Horizon (Deluxe Edition)


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2009 Universal-Island Records Ltd. under exclusive license to Mercury Records Limited


Title Artist Time
No Line On the Horizon U2 4:12
Magnificent U2 5:24
Moment of Surrender U2 7:24
Unknown Caller U2 6:02
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Cr U2 4:13
Get On Your Boots U2 3:25
Stand Up Comedy U2 3:49
Fez: Being Born U2 5:16
White As Snow U2 4:41
Breathe U2 5:00
Cedars of Lebanon U2 4:13
No Line On the Horizon U2 4:05
Anton Corbijn's Exclusive Fil U2 58:20


  • An Experimental Adventure

    By Coach Lonster XVIII
    This album takes off fast with a great opening track that's hard rocking & lyrically brilliant. Unknown Caller is innovative and inspiring. The feel for the North African atmosphere of the recording studio comes alive in Fez Being Born, a track reminiscent of The Unforgettable Fire. Breath is raw, upbeat, and guitar driven.
  • The album is wonderful, Linear video useless

    By DonnaPinto124
    Basically someone took a trip on a motorcycle and aimed a camera at the side view mirror for a good part of it. Nothing to do with the music.
  • Yawn

    By Frida88
    Did Phil Collins take over as chief songwriter here? These songs are so cheesy. This sounds like a karioke version of U2, an extension of where they went with Atomic Bomb (another poorly written batch of songs). Lyrically, Bono's out of gas, a wealthy family man on auto-pilot observations of the world around him. Edge needs some new riffs, too, nothing interesting to report here.
  • Substance, not Flash

    By No 4S 4 Me
    At first I didn't like this album, until I really listened to it. It won't grab you right away but when it does, you'll appreciate how well crafted this album is. It's for a special mood, rests on the shelf like a fine wine. Savor every note, listen carefully for the detail that makes it great.
  • Utterly appalling

    By Buntini
    Anybody who says this is a good album needs their head examined. It shoud be renamed No tunes on the Horizon
  • Great albulm

    By BoiseJamin
    No Line on The Horizon is their 4th MASTERPIECE. Its like Mozart meets Michelango....

    By SEAHAWKS8080
    every u2 fan knows it. its eaither "october" or this album to be the worst. sorry
  • keeping breifer

    By SP1K3 SP13G3L
    the definition of AWSOME!
  • I completely missed this album, UNTIL NOW WOW!!!

    By Ryan Stone
    It's amazing how I totally missed this album. I am a huge U2 fan and have been able to fall in love with the last two albums upon the first listen. For some reason, this one did not make any sense. My main complaint was that it felt too rushed. There was no patience with the songs. I just could not connect. I believe that one of the main reasons No Line did not connect is because of Viva la Vida by CP. That album showed a lot of patience and took a lot of risks. The audience loved it because each song connected instantly and you were able to find something new to attach to every time you listened. Most U2 buyers were coming off VLV and not in a space to fully comprehend No Line's tight, more mundane, heavy lyrical songs. I was very mad at Rolling Stone for giving the album a 5 star. I thought All that you can't . . . and How to stop . . . were much better and did not get the same praise as the inferior No line . . . Well, all that has changed. After watching the U2 360 concert on blu ray, I went back to NLOTH and WOW!!! I have any entirely different perspective. I get it and it is wonderful. Brilliant actually. THe album fits perfectly in scope of U2's maturity. In fact, maturity is the word that first comes to mind in my new line of thinking with No Line. There is no doubt that this album takes time. Most great album get better everytime you listen. It's too bad I was completely put off when it was released. But I get it now. Stay with the album, give it some time.
  • Can't U2 just leave?

    By google122091
    I see no artistic progression out of this band. They're the exact carbon copy of what they were in the 80's. Yes, they TRIED to change their ways during the 90's, but instead became the laughing stock of the rock community. So in the 00's they decide to just keep making the same bloated, epic balladry that everybody ate up 15 years prior. It obviously worked, considering that they're regarded as one of the best bands ever, with only one 'classic album'. I'm aware a lot of people also love Achtung Baby, but I simply do not like it. So with one Universally acclaimed album (I personally prefer War) how is it that they're considered to be a staple in all Dad Rock conversations? I really don't know, but this is another album for the collection. If you like pretentious balladry coupled with overexerted vocals and uninspired instrumentation, U2 is your band and this is your album!