The Truth Is... - Theory of a Deadman

The Truth Is...

Theory of a Deadman

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2011-07-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2011 The All Blacks B.V.


Title Artist Time
Lowlife Theory of a Deadman 3:25
Bitch Came Back Theory of a Deadman 3:39
Hurricane Theory of a Deadman 4:17
Out of My Head Theory of a Deadman 3:57
Gentleman Theory of a Deadman 3:28
Love Is Hell Theory of a Deadman 3:31
The Truth Is... (I Lied About Theory of a Deadman 3:27
Head Above Water Theory of a Deadman 3:32
Drag Me to Hell Theory of a Deadman 3:54
What Was I Thinking Theory of a Deadman 3:50
Easy to Love You Theory of a Deadman 4:19
We Were Men Theory of a Deadman 4:46


  • Superb album

    By MaxxTheEnder
    This is a newer album but still a great album. Now I got my new iPod and the music wasn't downloading right so I deleted it from my music and iTunes is being conflicting because it says I Still bought the songs but won't let me download them so now I have only two songs on this album
  • Nickelback lite

    By rallen715
    Honestly, Theory Of A Deadman just aren't very good. The problem is simply that they have no balls, illustrated well here. I personally like the opening pair of songs a lot. But even with their tongue-in-cheek misogyny they are sheerly lacking in balls. The singing is ultimately somewhat listless. Couple that with a very watered-down production from Howard Benson (not all of his works are watered down but check his work with 3 Doors Down to see another fine example) and you just have a big time flop. For better recent material in the post-grunge movement, stick with someone like Nickelback, Three Days Grace or Seether. Their music is not filled to the brim with balls-out material either but better than this thoroughly lackluster material.
  • Worst theory album to date

    By JakeDesormo
    I love all of theory's albums, except this one, I have had it since the day it was released and I still haven't listened to the whole thing through more than once, if you are going to buy one of their albums, get any of the other three, they totally sold out on this album.
  • I love them!

    By Farahferro
    I'm not usually a CD buyer but this album is worth it! All the songs are awesome!
  • Again??!!1

    By Nick Koto
    well now .. can they have an album that displeases me..i think not
  • Hard to stop listening to!

    By Mad Hazard
    This is a fun album for those that go through a break up! All the songs are great!
  • omg amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By ladybyrde3
    TOAD has suprised me once agian they never fail!!!
  • \m/Hell Yeah\m/

    By Sparkloni
    Amazing album! My 2 new favs r "Lowlife," and i cant get enough of "Drag Me To Hell"
  • Incredibly disappointing

    By Andaley
    As someone who has loved Theory of a Deadman since their first album, I was incredibly excited for this latest effort. Turns out, my excitement was (for the most part) wasted, as The Truth Is… this is their worst album to date, and overall isn't very good. With 18 songs (on the special edition), I expected there might be one or two that I might pass on, but the exact opposite is true: I'm forced to dig through what has become a bunch of stereotypical redneck rock to find things worth listening to! Out of the special edition's 18 tracks, there are seven.. just seven worth listening to, and that's counting acoustic versions of "regular" tracks on the album. What TOAD had in their previous albums has been lost here, in favor of unconvincing (and out-of-place) cursing that's downright jarring to the ears. I'm not a prude - cursing does *not* bother me - but the lyrics here feel entirely out of place and forced. Perhaps I've just become cynical, but I honestly can't understand the continued praise this one is getting. TOAD are great guys, but the direction they went with The Truth Is… should be avoided, not encouraged.
  • Amazing!

    By Lynn Eagan
    Great album! I suggest you buy it. :)

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