Far Beyond Bootleg: Live from Donington '94 - Pantera

Far Beyond Bootleg: Live from Donington '94


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2014-03-24
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 2014 Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved.


Title Artist Time
Use My Third Arm (Live from Do Pantera 4:04
Walk (Live from Donington) Pantera 5:15
Strength Beyond Strength (Live Pantera 4:01
Domination / Hollow (Live from Pantera 6:54
Slaughtered (Live from Doningt Pantera 3:57
Fucking Hostile (Live from Don Pantera 2:57
This Love (Live from Donington Pantera 7:16
Mouth for War (Live from Donin Pantera 4:01
Cowboys from Hell (Live from D Pantera 4:49


  • Come on people… this is Pantera we're speaking of

    By ultrameend
    God dammit, it doesn't deserve 1 star's man. You all know it gets 5+. Furthermore, the sound quality is not that bad so so stop your whining. I will say: 7.99 is a ridiculous price and 5.99 would be much more logical price. Well, they wont make nearly as much.
  • Terrible

    By LaBarka
    This sounds worse than early Misfits records. That's saying a lot. Awful.
  • Solid

    By Dongo666
    Sounds as good as 101 proof. Without the added crowd noise. And the way Pantera killed it live back in the day. This is raw pure Pantera in their prime.
  • Not that bad-it's bootlegged

    By Rooster 68
    Pantera was the best. Feel lucky you got this all you haters! Now go f••k off!
  • pantera - bootleg

    By devilsadvocate01
    3 stars just because its pantera, but the sound quality is real bad. this is scraping the bottom of the barrel. check out anything from pantera, but avoid this one
  • They have to be kidding

    By Ripper444
    This sounds so bad. I heard better bootlegs
  • Give it up Vinny

    By ZombiesAreGood4YourHealth
    It’s a bootleg for god sake, sounds awful. I guess Vinny is running out of money from touring with his new, horrible, atrocious “band” and decided to put this crap out to get a little cash. Vinny is pathetic.
  • Poor recording quality

    By hollaholiday
    This is a bootlegged concert, but being included with a remastered deluxe edition of Far Beyond Driven makes this absolutely unlistenable by comparison. save your cash.
  • Puzzling

    By nowdsa
    Pantera toured non-stop for YEARS and this is the best live stuff they can lump with this? I have their live album, but come on. You can’t tell me all those shows and they didn’t record more? Where’s the live videos? I just don’t get it.
  • I love Pantera but....

    By Mr.Poopy-Pants1968
    I agree with the other review. Bootleg or not...it sounds terrible.

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