Walk On


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:53


Music Video


  • Best Song Ever....

    By MsAnnaBaxter
    By U2 or any other band. I'm a U2 devotee...I love everything they've ever released. But this song, the meaning, the melody, Bono's vocals, Edge's lead, Adam's base line, and Larry's percussion are all in beautiful, harmonious sync in "Walk On". The gorgeous setting in Rio just adds to the perfection of "All That You Can't Leave Behind". ASSK's beautiful words at the end--"This is not yet the end. There's a long way to go, and the way may be very hard...so, please, stand by". So beautifully said by Aung San Suu Kyi! Get the song, the video, the album, and anything else you can find! The 9/11 version of the video is very beautiful and touching, too.
  • U2

    By Pagirl1984
    Bought this video and devalued other U2 videos and the sound quality is awful. The Edge and background of songs are amazing, but either can't hear Bono or it sounds like he's singing in a tin can. Not happy with the quality.
  • U2best of the best

    By U2 fan:)
    U2 has always been a great band and I just LOVE this song they are my favorite band and always will be this video is just great just like the rest of there's!
  • Tasty!

    By Dr. Vic S
    Wow! I want one of those coconut drinks that Adam and the Edge are drinking in this video. They look tasty! Awesome Song, Great Video!
  • U2 is cool

    By pigsister
    I absolutely love this song & video. When I get angry or upset I start listening to u2, & it soothes the savage beast in me. Also my sister Bambi lee Savage worked with U2 on their actung baby album. U2 will always be my #1 in music!!
  • Get the UK version

    By rkwranger
    Walk On is one of the best songs they've written...Top 10.....I especially like the UK version of this song...the hallejuahs at the end.....listen to the words....this video should be on everyone's IPOD.
  • Get the original version!

    By Camaro Man
    This video is awesome and Ive never seen it before, but I want the old version too!
  • This version is good but...

    By Innocence00
    I really want to get the other version of this song, still really good though!
  • Another Version

    By romaluna
    Thanks Itunes for posting this video, I never saw this version. Can you also include the original "Walk On"?