Guitar Hero

Amanda Palmer

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2008-08-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:59

Music Video


  • (Game) Guitar Hero, Shmitar Hero. (Song) Guitar Hero. And that is it.

    By Fersot
    This song is great. Amanda palmer is a little strange, but that is great about this song. I is a great song. Keep it up Amanda! P.S. I love the game. I just like the song too. Equally.
  • Follows Suit

    By WaveLios
    Just like the album, this video is no acception to the amazing streak Palmer has been on. Those who have left negative reviews have obviously not listened to the song or simply thought it had to do with the game. Just a note, children: Videogames aren't the only things in the world. And there is an ACTUAL guitar, not just the one that hooks up to the ex-bawks.
  • AFP

    By O_O i'm_bob
    When I was first watching this, i though that the best thing in the world was Amanda Palmer with a red electric guitar. Then I changed my mind. The best thing in the world is Amanda Palmer with a red guitar in sunglasses and a LEATHER JACKET! :D
  • Amazing

    By artsyfartsy
    Amanda Palmer is a poet and hot to boot. (-:
  • If I Could Give This More Stars, I Would

    By NeverDreamed
    This song is just amazing. It's pretty odd to see Amanda with a guitar but it's just life changing. This song is just so much fun and I am thoroughly jealous of the students in this video. Some kids have all the luck. The video is just so full of energy, and whoever doesn't like it should have their eyelashes plucked one by one. Whoever does like it, you have a lovely taste in music.
  • meh, okay.

    By sk_the_best
    The video is different but interesting, the song is weird (I was all like ?O.o? when i heard it), and honestly she kinda sounds like a dude (I was also all like ?!O.o!? when I heard her voice).
  • They're All A Bunch Of Blue Meanies!!!

    By PeopleAreStrange
    Amanda Palmer is one of the greatest solo artists ever, and is sadly unappreciated. Us weirdos that actually listen to music for its lyrics and whatnot would really love the whole video that the preview can't provide. BUY THIS!!! Long Live AMANDA PALMER.
  • okay ew.

    By maggiesegovia
    i don't know who she is, but this video and her singing is a little creepy. actually i take that back. she's not even singing. she's talking. and screaming. so don't waste your money on this one!
  • Gotta Love Amanda

    By PeacePersonMan #1
    Ok so I think this song is really good, and Amanda looks great too. And don't be hatin this song guys just because its not actually about Guitar Hero the game.
  • Amanda Rocks

    By csdaley
    Amanda Palmer is not for everyone but this song is brilliant!

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