Get On Your Boots


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:25

Music Video


  • !

    By fuzion9
    this is why u2 will always be the best band in the world, they know how to make their new material innovative and interesting. I hate it when a band uses the same sound because it gave good results, U2 constantly rejuvinates their sound and that makes a great song, album, and concert
  • U2 Costello?

    By Bobb27
    I love the song, the graphics, etc. But doesn't this sound like Costello's Pump it Up?
  • awesome

    By cosi gman
    U2 is my second favorite band out there and all their stuff is awesome ive listened to it since i was born U2 also does well with other bands like when they did the saints are coming i've introduced a lot of people to it since i could talk. If i could i would rate this a 10 keep on rockin' U2
  • love it

    By Catherine127
  • Always Fresh!

    U2 always brings something fresh......good job guys!!
  • Great band, not so great video or song

    By ST3V060
    I love U2's new album, No Line On The Horizon, but this song is not one of the best on the album. The video is alright, but does not change how Bono sounds wimpy in the middle of the song compared to the background singers. Bono and co should have made a video for one of their better songs.
  • Old U2 is back

    By ceverson
    I love this music video, and usually i dislike music videos, now i've heard the whole albu, and yes old U2 is back, "Get on Your Boots" is the one exception, so for all you people saying they arent back listen to the album on myspace
  • Not to good

    By pugs232
    This video and song, are not that good. U2, was better with there old album styles. Now there just like every other rock band you hear on the radio. There not different, in that good way they were before. I miss the old U2! And there old albums that were better! Like "OCTOBER and HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB and ACHTUNG BABY and UNFORGETTABLE FIRE and THE JOSHUA TREE. They were so much better than this! If you agree, click yes
  • Bravo!

    By Anonymous0808
    Nicely done video. Alex Courtes is such a fine director. Here, he and U2 create something not quite like anything I've seen before. It matches the song perfectly (in fact, the video makes the song better). The video definitely provides some insight into the music, but beyond that, it's simply fun to watch. I watch a lot of music videos and there aren't many I can say I'd enjoy seeing over and over again. This is one of the few.
  • Simply Brilliant

    By soul_drifter
    Phenomenal Music Video. Vivid & Picturesque Imagery,with subtle backround image messages of the beauty of our world & the ugliness of war & last but not least the importance of women in our history. The song itself has Has Elvis Costello "Pump it up" cadence lyrics influence, & Beatlesque harmonizing chorus & percussion style, gr8 bass groove & gr8 fuzzed-out guitar playing by The Edge very similar to Vertigo with more depth...It's U2's fastest song (150bmp). Bono's lyrics are still poignant even in a dance song.It's U2 & it's Brilliant!!! I predict this Video will win many awards for best Music Video of 2009. Luv it.