Hate My Life

Theory of a Deadman

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-03-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:18

Music Video


  • biker

    By D.S.M.C. harley
    wish these guys would do some biker ralleys way better than nickelback.
  • Trolls

    By 
    God people are such trolls. If you don't like. Don't comment
  • Listen shut up

    By chris3150
    They do not sound like nickelback. their style is similar to nickelback but the singer sounds completely different! Don't get me wrong I love nickelback and this band but they are definitely NOT THE SAME. This is a good song and obviously they are not talking about their lives it's a song to reach out to people who have problems in their lives it's supposed to be relatable! Good song I can sure as hell relate
  • here's the deal

    By Manthamariee
    I love this song and this video! and for your information, theory of a deadman is not singing a song like this because they think they have a bad life it's because they know people can relate their lives to this song. I absoulutly love love this video!:)
  • Wow

    By Slayerx847
    This song is more like an anthem to me but i can totally relate to it. I think the band rocks and all you posers who say they dont have a bad life, how do you know?? Maybe they are depressed so get off their backs!!!
  • its a good video

    By popeye41688
    its a good song and video, it shows me that some artists actually know what its like to be middle class, and trying to get a break in life
  • Are you serious?

    By PeteMann
    Are you freakin serious? It has a bad tune, and the lyrics are lame. I cant stand people who think they have a bad life, and sell songs about it! Obviously there life is perfectly fine since they have money to make songs about it
  • love this band but dont say they are better than nickelback!!

    By CrissAngelGirl
    i love theory of a deadman! they are absolutely fantastic, but how the heck can u hate nickelback if u love theory!! dude, nickelback's chad kroeger was the one who signed theory of a deadman to the label!!!! plus they sound similar, so saying you like theory of a deaman and not liking nickelback is so hypocritical!!!. both great bands but without nickelback t.o.d. would not exist!
  • Theory of a deadman is much better then nickelback

    By heavyroller
    If you listen to some older stuff from Theory you will see they are much better than Nickleback. I cant stand Nickelback, and wont even go to the upcoming Seether concert because Nickelback is with them. Plus all of their songs are not about sex from a 12 year olds point of view.
  • our'e

    By JJTRockstar
    Nickelback has really changed their look! What? This isn't Nickelback? You're lying! They sound exactly like them! I hope whoever reads this understands sarcasm. Theory of a Coverband would suit them so much better lol.

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