• Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:25

Music Video


  • Awsome

    By IhateAvatar101
    I was actually was lucky to see U2 live in new york city in 2009. The performed this song and it was awsome. Although, the only thing about the concert I didn't like was the lady screaming in my ear fir the entire concert!!

    By Bono's Favorite
    Another sonic masterpiece from U2. They just keep getting better and better with age. Always something fresh always something other wordly. U2 seems to have 'that' song on every album they put out...the one you sail on. City of Blinding Light, Even Better than the Real Thing are good past examples of that. Edges smooth solo is just the right color for this canvas. Simple. Not too much not too little. And listen to the backing vocal behind the solo. Beautifully done. This is why they're still here. This is why they're still relevant. The entire album is a(nother) masterpiece...but Magnificent is really a standout. God bless 'em!!!!!!!!!
  • screamdeam

    By 444332
    Love this song, love the band, U2 is rocking the charts and I saw these guys in 2005 of October, at the Verizion Center, I was amazed by them, loved them, always will even when they break up. If you are a U2 fan out there right now, please support us and them. yes for them and yes to this amazingly, beautifully done video!
  • This Song is Magnificent!

    By LotionMan
    The first time I saw this music video was when I was in this huge McDonald's in New York. I love this song, and the graphics are great!
  • Magnificent!

    By jenn_u2lover
    This is definitely the BEST U2 song there is. Before their album 'No Line On The Horizon' came out, U2 was already my all time favorite band, and I was not expecting their new album to blow me away again. I love the album and Magnificent is my favorite because of the guitars and powerful lyrics. When I watched the music video, I was equally suprised because it only added to my liking of the song! The white sheets flowing off the buildings is beautiful and the setting makes the video very powerful. Buy it!
  • What's with the label?

    By Will210
    This could be confused with other dirty songs with the same title. I don't know if there is such a thing. Also, this isn't a work of genious, it's a work of genius!
  • Beautiful video for a beautiful song

    By queen eowyn
    This video for "Magnificent" suits the song beautifully. The setting looks like Morocco. The sheets being lifted off of the buildings as if guided by the movements of the dancers' arms and then blowing away is a simple and beautiful symbolic image. The interiors where the band performs are gorgeous, too. Highly recommended.
  • My New Favorite From U2! Bravo Guys!!

    By hiwelcometoitunes
    This song is simply a work of genious and a masterpiece. It blends every element of a perfect song. It is extremely uplifting with more passion than I once thought possible in a song all with a mysterious undertone, like a a deep thought or meaning trying to get to you through this song. The feel you get from this song is so positive and it will truly give you chills. Thr guitar riff makes you feel like you are floating through the sky and the melody will make you soar. This is truly one of the best songs U2 has ever written, and without a doubt my personal favorite. It truly deserves to be topping the charts right now, it is sad that pointless hip hop song might make this song get missed, a true masterpiece in music. Please support this song and buy it and request this song all over! U2 is not dead and they still have their greatest songs to offer! It would be a sin if this song does not top the charts. It is to good to and to many people would like it. This song is nothing short of magnificent. If you haven't bought it yet, you are truly missing out on an extrememly MAGNIFCENT experience.
  • One of "Horizon's" best

    By jesusluvsu2
    This song is, without a doubt, one of the best songs from the new album. Great guitar playing by the Edge, great vocals by Bono, and a killer bass line by Adam. Oh, and Larry was good too. Overall, Magnificent
  • What's with the "clean lyric" label?

    By JHF
    This song is incredible, and the video is solid, but what's the need of the clean lyrics label? This song is pretty far from a subject that uses profanity or inappropriate subject matter.