• Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2004-01-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:14

Music Video


  • missing some

    By Frustrated with this!
    Loved the video's, but where is the no scrub's video? I loved that one, it was so different and fun to watch...along with the great music!
  • Love TLC

    By Link76
    I grew up with TLC's music and i have always loved them. Waterfalls is a great song and it teaches you a lessason that if you chase a waterfall you're will go down the drain.
  • Classic

    By PortlandMovieBuffs
    Classic riff, lovin' that the video it is on iTunes.
  • Throwback's

    By ~YoitzBre~
    To bad left eyed lopez passed :(
  • Live tlc.

    By Three dog night fan forever
    TLC has always been one of my favorite R&B groups of all time. Actually, I should say that they are the best R&B group of all time. No other R&B singer alone or with a group can come as close to having excellent music as TLC does. They will always stand on top of any other female R&B artist or group. Go TLC. Love the music and videos y'all come up with. It totally hits y'all's style. Keep up the great work. And remember that no one else stands before y'all in R&B music.
  • Awesome

    By Willis33333
    I love this vid. Especially Left Eye Lopez. God Bless
  • Great song

    By MostMusicisGoodMusic
    Previous reviewer is reading the lyrics wrong. I know that was a year ago but to set it straight, this song has a positive message. It's not saying dreams are bad, it's saying that stupid dreams with horrible consequences are bad. They're not saying don't go to college to be a lawyer or try acting/singing because those dreams are good. The lyrics in each verse are about two situations that end badly. First one, young son chases drug dealing to make money. Second one a man chasing a lady friend only to die from HIV. Look up the meaning of a song and then say the message is bad. Maybe you're better suited to listen to Boyfriend by Bieber....
  • I used to like this song, then I listened to it

    By FindTheTime80
    When I was in High School, this song sounded good. I liked it, I liked the video. Then Today, I listened to it again for the first time in however long it's been... You know what it's about? "Dreams are Hopeless aspirations" <- Quote from the song. It's discouraging people from achievement. Essentially saying that if you try to break out of the mundane, you will die.
  • Thank You, Its About Time

    By W0Wed
    I purchased ALL their videos except this one b/c it was unavailable on iTunes??? This single was from their BEST selling album Crazy, Sexy, Cool & won a MTV Video Award, this one of my Top 3 videos of theirs GET It B4 its gone
  • I will always remember lisa left and she will always be in my heart forever

    By deydey36
    bye it