Theory of a Deadman

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2011-06-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:57


Music Video


  • Lowlife

    By nora kennedy
    Great song and video
  • WHY??

    By Yep I know
    Why even offer this video if you're gonna edit half of it!! And to edit the word "DRUNK"??!!!! It makes no sense!!! Then if you edit this much at least change the price to like, oh $0.99!! That's 99 CENTS!!! How about the UNEDITED version for us that are way over 21 and know what the words actually mean to begin with!! Cute & funny vid tho!! That's why I didn't give it the ONE STAR that it deserves!!! Censor much?
  • Edited?

    By hrlbr
    I love this song and video, but when I bought this I was immediately disappointed as to how far they went with editing. Who needs to edit out the word "drunk"? Really?
  • Ultra CLEAN version! :(

    By ShKaiRa
    Would have been nice to know that it was a heavily edited version of the song. It even cuts out the word 'drunk'. Waste of money!
  • Ok

    By Willy Loughran
    Unedited version please!!!!!
  • If youare going to put edited videos for sale, put the unedited versions on as well!

    By HGauger777!
    I love Theory Of A Deadman, and I love this song, but I am tired of paying for videos with half the words edited out. iTunes needs to cater to those of us who are of age and can appreciate words like "drunk", "trashed" and the ever loving occasional F-Bomb. This version is not even labeled "Clean Lyrics"... Place the unedited version for sale as well. I know Iwould purchase it. Other than that, great song and killer video!!!
  • no good

    By biebergomezluver
    Work harder,sorry
  • Love it

    By Jacobo12
    That's what I call lowlife!
  • love this guy

    By Paul Barron
    the guy in the video is from the tv series grounded for life. Loved that show and still watch to this day. The songs pretty good also. Haven't heard much from a theroy of a deadman but they keep songs like this coming I'll keep listening.
  • Awesomeee!!!

    By KitKat692
    This song is amazing and it cracks me up! Love it! It always makes my day!!!!

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